Thursday, September 8, 2011

Purge of the Day: Closet Clothes

I just did probably the most obvious of all purges: clothes I don't use anymore that live in my closet. The dresser must wait. BUT... I'm pausing for suspense... I also rounded up for slaughter all old Halloween costumes. I kept a witch hat and a hook hand, chosen for their versatility and smallness. Everything else went to Goodwill.

I did have to finally say good-bye to the bridesmaid costume that Robbie and I originally planned to repurpose into another matching costume in the future. He left me for Austin. I hope he and Austin are very happy together. But he can't expect me to hang on to the pea green monstrosity while I wait for him to come crawling back to L.A.

The worst part is that when I broke the news to him, he was all, "Oh, yeah... I've been meaning to tell you something..." He says he donated his bridesmaid dress a month ago. I consider this a bullshit attempt to save face. I turned my back on you first, Robert Starr. I turned my back on you first.

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