Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hammock Pack: December

I was thrilled with this month's Hammock Pack! Hammock Pack is a getaway-themed subscription box that costs $25/month. You may remember that I was a little bit meh last month, but this has turned it around for me.
 Each month has a different theme, and this month's was Ski Lodge! As always, the packaging was adorable. It might be a little hard to see in the photo, but this one was sprinkled with cheerful snowflake confetti. Let's check out the contents!

1. The Balm by West 13 in lavender. This smells great. (Isn't lavender just the best?) It feels great on and has staying power, which makes me happy.

2.  Classic Stroopwafel by The Good Batch.  This is one re-popularized-by-foodies snack that I've been meaning to try for a while. It's a Dutch cookie that's sort of like two sugar cone rounds sandwiching caramel that gets gooey when heated, preferably over a hot beverage, like this other cookie that I've been meaning to make for over a year now. Yikes. Time gets away from me. Anyway, yeah, you're totally right, hipsters, this was tasty.

3. Dark Chocolate Marshmallows by 240 Sweet. Preaching to the girl who stole some Peppi-Mint Plush Puffs at a white elephant exchange over the weekend, full disclosure. Wait, and these were made with beet sugar? No. Just don't even. They are so, so rich and chocolaty.

4. Minty Pattie by Sweet Lydia's. Nom. You can't tell how hefty this is from the picture. Hefty and delicious! The chocolate shortbread is more of a highlight than I was expecting, and the mint is smooth and crazy-nom, too.

5. Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate on a Stick by Ticket Kitchen. This is such a cute, fun foodie stocking stuffer. You just swirl it around in hot milk. You could heat one of the Stroopwafels over it! And put one of the dark chocolate marshmallows in it! You would probably black out from awesomeness, though. You probably are already assuming that this is super-rich and tasty, and you are right, as usual.

But to me, this really stole the show:

6. Snowdrift Body Lotion by Firebird Bath and Body. The Hammock Pack notes say the fragrance is a blend of peppermint, vanilla, and evergreen.  It is amazing. It smells exactly like Christmas, but isn't overpowering. LOVE!! I can't wait for the Etsy shop to re-open post-Christmas, so I can stare at all of the other goodies. I saw in past transactions that Lavender Wood is a fragrance option...

All told, this felt like a good haul. I hadn't tried any of these products before, but would definitely buy all six of them again, which is kind of the Holy Grail of subscription box experiences, is it not?


JR said...

Stroopwafel, though an enemy of autocorrect, sounds like the long lost best friend of a peppermint mocha, which makes it a friend of mine. Yum!

JanAlyssa said...

Whoa, lots of yummy snacks! I'm especially jealous of stroopwafels. My friend used to bring them back from Austria for me, and then they were selling them at Trader Joe's for a while in a big tin, but now I don't know where to turn to buy them. Sadness.

mm said...

I know! And The Good Batch isn't taking any more orders until February. We're kind of in a stroopwafel no man's land for a little while here.