Tuesday, December 4, 2012

10 Holiday Gifts for Geeks and Hipsters!

1. A bearded hat from Burly Beard's Etsy shop, $37-$55. 

2. Log pillow from Fred Flare, $18.

3. Dinosaur vs. Robot tee from Gnome Enterprises, $28.

4. Rubik's Cube Coasters from Think Geek, $19.99/set of six.

5. Hierarchy of Beards Poster from TopatoCo, $15.00.

6. Zombies Hate Stuff by Greg Stones, from Amazon, $9.95.

7. Cubeot Wooden Robot from A+R, $25-$390.

8. iPhone case from Red Bubble, $35.65-$40.77.

9. Timey Wimey print from Nan Lawson, $16.00.

10. Retro Safety Glasses from Restoration Hardware, $22.99.


Snarky said...

I spent a long time wondering if that was a real log that you use as a pillow. In my defense, hipsters are crazy!!!

JR said...

I have an awesome geeky iPhone case (a Salvador Larroca pencil sketch of Iron Man), but I cannot stop laughing at Link's rupee-cutting offer. I may have to figure out some sort of timeshare program for the protection of my phone.

Emily said...

Steve has #1! It is by Beardo and it got him a solo shot on the jumbo-tron at the Red's game :)