Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Super-hero Boutonniere DIY

We asked the groomsmen, ushers, and male family members for a list of their favorite Marvel or DC heroes and/or villains about a year before the wedding and didn't tell them why. A couple of them guessed it was for table names. Very clever, but no. It was for THIS:

First three pics by Sweet Monday Photography

Yes, this totally happened!! Not going to lie! It took several months to find some of the characters, but with persistence and a bid sniper on Ebay, we prevailed!

DIY and more pics after the jump!

All right! Let's make one!

You will need:
-action figures (we used MiniMates)
-grosgrain ribbon
-needle and thread
-fabric stiffener
-button-style pins (See pic in step 4. I found mine in the kids' section of Jo-Ann.)
-a heavy-duty liquid adhesive (See step 4.)
-hot glue gun and glue

1. Follow the instructions here to make a medallion bow. 

2. Iron the bow. Let it sit between two heavy books for a while. I left mine overnight.

3. Place bows on a covered surface and spray them with Stiff’n’Stuff or a similar fabric stiffener. Let them dry completely before moving them.

4. Glue the bows to flat round buttons, like the one shown. In this step, I used Elmer’s spray adhesive, which ended up being a mistake. After a few hours of wear, the weight of the figures caused some of the buttons to separate from the ribbons. Use a stronger adhesive. E6000? Super glue?

5. Let dry flat (again).

6. Hot-glue figurine to the front of the button. Coordinate the orientation of the figure so that the pin back and the figure’s head are both at the top of the circle. (This seems like common sense, but almost didn’t happen a couple of times. I was tired after making 13 of these!)

If you are using MiniMates or Legos, before you glue the figures down, test to see how easily they come apart at the waist. You may have to make sure to glue the figure down both above and below the waist. You may have to glue down any arms or legs that are particularly loose, but other than that, leave the arms and legs unglued to allow action poses!

7. Let dry flat, then store flat until you’re ready to use.

Not pictured are Thing, Dr. Doom, Superman, and Green Lantern. My brother Tim wins the prize for picking the only villain! And Groomsman Rob didn't get a choice of characters, because his last name is Archangel. So he got Archangel. 

So who was on Jonathan's boutonniere? Any guesses??

pic by Sweet Monday

His favorite! Jamie Madrox, Multiple Man! Why are there three of him? Google Multiple Man. I'll wait.  This was not the first Multiple Man item I've made for Jonathan. Maybe I'll show you the others sometime. What do I have to lose? There's no way you got all the way through this post and DON'T think I'm a total nerd.

That's it! Happy Wednesday! 

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