by Sweet Monday Photography

I'm Molly. I live in L.A. with my husband and too much stuff! We've moved our mountain of miscellany to four different apartments (not counting the ones we lived in separately), and I've decided it all ends now! I'm looking in every nook and cranny for stuff to throw overboard. 

This blog is a chronicle of the weird crap people hold on to, like this:

What is this? Defunct currency from a now-non-existant east coast electronics chain? Stacked neatly in a pile in the office closet? How? Why? How?

It's also a record of my tiny efforts to forge a more aware and meaningful existence by living simply,  appreciating the moments as they come, and learning to do new things, like this which, look, I totally did:

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have fun, and I'd love to know what you do to keep grounded and happy!