Friday, May 11, 2012

Purge of the Day: Magic Nursery

Remember Magic Nursery Babies? These were huge when I was a kid. You got an androgynously-dressed doll along with big magic envelope that dissolves in water, containing the baby's gender, gender-specific clothing, and surprise accessories for taking care of your baby. Of course, you could always cheat and look under the baby's bonnet to see if it had girl hair or boy hair, but that would completely ruin the fun of the toy. Of course I was tremendously relieved to have two girls. I had no idea how to raise a boy! I didn't even have boy-baby doll clothes. How would I entertain a baby boy? We'd probably just stare at each other in horror while he got continuously more smelly. In retrospect, these toys were a lot more stress than they were worth.

The subsequently-released Magic Nursery Pets had ears that tucked back into their heads and a tail inside a diaper. The surprise was what kind of animal they were. You know, because just like in real life, all animals look equally pastel and people-faced until you examine the ears and tail. I was hoping mine would turn out to be a dog. Alas. Like unto a buddy cop film, our relationship was strained, but we learned to work together.

I was obsessed with these toys to the point that they were the theme of my birthday party one year. The favors were mini Magic Nursery figurines. The surprise inside these dissolvable bags were how many babies were inside. You could get one, two, or even three babies! Ugh. Three babies? Babies are so much work. Why are they like crack to little girls? "I'm so tired from taking care of all my babies. You know what would make things a little easier? TEN MORE BABIES!"* I got three. It was basically the best thing ever. Emily got a defective package with no dissolvable paper. That was pretty lame, Magic Nursery people. Pretty lame indeed.

It made me smile to find these, but they are all on to a new home now. Happy Mother's Day, everybody!!

*In fairness, while I did have to feed, burp, change, and give pep talks to my babies, they did savagely murder burglars while I slept. Credit where credit is due.


JanAlyssa said...

Not to be mean, but what IS your pet? A cat? A green cat?

I remember those, and I remember wanting them, but somehow I never got one. Thanks a lot, mom!! Now I'm bitter all over again.

mm said...

It was a cat. :(

sgrmse. said...

awww!!! why have i never heard of magic nursery babies until now?! :O now i want to run out and get me some! lol. doubt they're sold here though... sucks! i think the whole surprise thing is TOO cool :D

Emily said...

I appreciate that you remember I got the defective one :)

mm said...

They were weirdly cool!

Em, I felt pretty bad about it. You don't forget that kind of regret.