Saturday, September 3, 2011

Purge of the Day: Craft Supplies

This drawer was number one of six. This is the problem with repurposing. You don't always know why you want to rescue something when you're rescuing it. You just kind of trust that you'll come up with a new use for it eventually. And then you don't. And it's still in your house eight years later.

This was a purge that took a good ten hours. I did my best to divide everything up by category for reorganization. My favorite category was "trash." I filled an entire garbage bag.

I found some beads and stickers that I treasured and secreted away when I was little, and I packed them up to send to my adorable niece Izzie. 

Beyond that, I tried to come up with categories that made sense to me. "Stationery" was the most obvious one, but it left me with space, hence my new stationery/Xyron drawer. The others centered on general themes, like "Fabric and Related Items" or "Stuff that Doesn't Fit into Any Established Category." That last one I was able to keep sparse enough that you can see everything in the drawer when you open it, though, so I refuse to take crap about it.

The most unexpected way I saved space was by throwing out extraneous packaging. I was also able to cut some useful packaging down to smaller sizes.

I thought I might be able to get rid of a drawer or two after finishing this, but I decided instead to keep more drawers with fewer items in each to keep everything easily accessible. I'm already happy I did. I don't dread going in there for supplies anymore!

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