Thursday, October 27, 2011

Purge of the Day: Streamers

Another day, another story of crafting gone awry... A couple years ago, some (dedicated and wonderful) friends and I set out to make crepe paper roses for my unfailingly awesome friend Heather's bridal shower. Little did I know, CREPE PAPER IS IMPOSSIBLE TO FIND ANYWHERE! 

Even at Michael's, an employee pointed me to tissue paper. When I said that it wasn't the same thing, she pointed me to brown kraft paper. When I called Blick, the woman who answered had no idea what crepe paper was and thought I had the wrong number because, you see, "We sells arts and crafts type stuff." When I began, "I, um... I know. It's a type of--" she made fun of my stutter and hung up on me. Wish so very much that I were kidding.

Pearl actually had a package of red crepe paper. One. I needed more. They had no way of finding out when more was coming, but were very friendly and said I could call to check in periodically to see if more had come in. I did that for three weeks, then I started to feel bad about bothering them.

I got desperate. I bought crepe streamers at Target and decided, damn it, if we couldn't make big roses, we would just have to make tiny ones. Then immediately afterward, I found Create For Less online, and just ordered a pile of normal-size crepe paper, and we made normal-size roses. It was fun. I later made some more as a get well present for my aunt. The end.

EXCEPT that I still had these damned streamers until just now. But now they are gone. Isn't it weird how random stuff ends up in your home? The end, for real this time.

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