Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Awesome Jenette Bras News!!

Great news!! 

Okay, okay. This post might seem a little off-topic, but we're talking about making our lives as easy  as possible, right? For big-chested Angelenos (and LA-transplants), Jenette Bras (Hel-Mel, near Scoops) is a godsend. I can't begin to describe the torture I underwent while bra-shopping before this store was in my life.

 Even Intimacy, known for carrying up to cup size K,  offers a lot of pieces that only go up to C or D.  The bigger lingerie chains are worse. In department stores, it's a rarity to find anything over a D that doesn't look like an orthopedic device. 

The bras at Jenette (blessedly) start at D and go up from there, AND they're beautiful. Their largely international stock is insanely well-curated. The service is incredible. The employees are sweet and really know their stuff. They keep a card on file for each customer with sizes, likes, and previous purchases. They offer nursing bras and cup-size swimwear! I could go on for a year about how this place is so great it might be imaginary, but I'll just get to the great news.

They just announced that they're expanding! The second location opens next month in Old Town Pasadena. It's an awesome idea for a business executed by nice people and it's really cool to see it succeed. I'm so happy for everybody involved, and I can't wait to check out the new space! And buy everything in it; nobodytellmyhusband.


Dorothy said...

Good news! Your cup runneth over! ;)

mm said...

Well, they used to, anyway.

JanAlyssa said...

New BBA in Pasadena! Yay!!! Let's go when they open :)