Friday, November 4, 2011

Purge of the Day: Remotes and Remote Stand

This is just a weird display of pack-rattery. We have a leather bin where we keep our Wii games and accessories. It tucks right into an opening of a shelving unit we have, so it looks like we're storing some dignified grown up stuff. I decided to go through the bin to see if we have any games we're through playing that we could sell in our Amazon store, and lo and behold, under the first layer of Wii stuff was a spinning remote holder full of remotes we no longer use.

How this got there, I have no idea. I would guess that at some point when we were moving, one of us noticed a completely useless stash of remotes and stuck them in the nearest non-full box, intending to deal with them later. Or maybe this was part of our secret plan to survive the robot apocalypse, and I don't remember because they've already gotten to me. Either way, I'm getting rid of this stuff.

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