Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Flower Lab Fandom

Yes, I'm totally one of those people who's going to show you bits and pieces of my wedding forever and ever after the wedding is long over. A year and a half of planning went into that beast, so deal with it! 

Today, I'm showing you the awesome florist we found on WeddingWire, The Flower Lab!

All of today's photos are
 by the amazing Sweet Monday Photography.
When I first saw Flower Lab's work online, one of my first thoughts was “way out of our price range,” so you could imagine my excitement and confusion when we discovered that their prices were lower than that of any of the other companies we were considering. Their work is lovely, but modern and cool. 

At our consultation, it was clear within minutes that Tweeny totally got what we were going for with the wedding's rustic city/country aesthetic. We had already found these amazing vases at CB2 that had geometric windows cut out of them. My immediate thought was that we had to put LEDs in them and use them as table lighting. Our venue had very strict candle regulations, so this would also do away with that headache. Tweeny had the idea of scattering garden blossoms along the tabletops, and because Marvimon is such a food-centric venue (and we love to cook!), she added a variety of fresh herbs. The smell was amazing.
We had fresh flowers for the bridesmaids, and wanted to include our friend Erin somewhat in that grouping because she was acting as our officiant. We didn’t want her to have to carry anything, but we weren’t sure about a corsage, either. Tweeny had the idea of putting coordinating flowers in her hair. We considered it, but then ended up going with a wrist corsage. The result was gorgeous. In place of the traditional ribbon, she used stretchy pearl bracelets in different sizes.

The cake flowers were gorgeous.

Last but maybe my favorite floral detail, my little niece Izzie carried a rustic basket decorated with flowers and filled with whole blooms for her to throw as she walked up the aisle. 

We were thrilled with all the flowers! Now, you may be wondering where all the boutonnieres and family corsages are.  We made them and they were not strictly floral... but those pics are coming soon. See? Now you have to come back! Mwahaha!!

Happy mid-week!