Friday, December 9, 2011

Want to Feel Old? Or Want a Gingerbreadtini?

Guess what came out a few days ago? Guess, guess, guess.

Oregon Trail for Wii, bitches! I'm excited to see the gameplay. The last version of Oregon Trail I played was on an Apple IIe. If it's anything like that, I imagine there's a lot of waiting for the game to load, taking your floppy out and shaking it, idly wondering if today is tater tot day, and dying of dysentery. If there's anything this game successfully impressed upon children, it was the mind-numbing boredom that was the life of a typical American settler. Nothing happened, nothing happened, and then everyone died. Now available for Wii!

But the real news is the reason I withheld the image until now:

40th f-ing anniversary edition?!?! What is that?? On a video game label?? Imagine how upsetting it's going to be when Mario turns 40. Terror! Disillusionment! I'm preparing you now because it's going to be more traumatic if I don't. He and Donkey Kong turned 30 this year, in case you were wondering/weren't invited. Devastating, but on a smaller scale.

This brings me to item number two of the day: I have perfected the gingerbreadtini.
2 shots gingerbread liqueur 
1 shot Bailey's
1 shot Kahlua
 fill shaker with milk

Then, obviously, you shake it and pour it into something else. And then you drink it too fast because it tastes like a cookie.

Happy Monday!!


JanAlyssa said...

Can I come over and play Oregon Trail??? Please please please??

Amy said...

I want one! Gingerbreadtini, that is. DO NOT show up at my house with Oregon Trail.

Emily said...

The sad but awesome thing is - I want you to bring Oregon Trail so we can play it WHILE we drink Gingerbreadtinis!