Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Probable Ring TMI

image by Sweet Monday
I knew "rings" would seem like kind of a non-post, but, I mean, how awesome are those? Jonathan and I get questions about our rings all the time. It's because they're craycray! I get more because I'm a girl! (Isn't that how everything works?)

My engagement ring is a split shank, and the wedding ring drops into it, to make a unified-looking ring.  Here's the picture from Bridal Rings Company, where we bought it:

It's insane that we found what I wanted. I wanted a set in which the wedding ring dropped into the engagement ring and the shank of the engagement ring was completely unadorned and the wedding ring had small diamonds with tiny prongs and what a  lot of people call "antiquing"--the texture tooled into the edges of the gold. I also wanted an interesting side profile. Then I had a couple of long-shot, probably-not-going-to-happen wants, like center prongs that were integrated into the design of the engagement ring (not just floating in space), the sides of the center stone to be mostly visible, and exactly the "halo" feature you see going around the center in the above ring, also with "antiquing." Don't worry, single guys. I worked in jewelry for a few years. Most girls aren't like this.

Jonathan took the lead on the ring search (after I drew him a bunch of diagrams) and decided to check out Bridal Rings Company because a couple of our friends bought rings there and had a good experience. Lo and behold, this was the only split-shank engagement ring they carried. This was a very lucky shot in the dark.

The first time I noticed Edward Mirell jewelry was a few years before we got engaged, and I completely freaked out over it and had to show Jonathan. I know some ladies (and gents) don't agree, but I find a good deal of men's jewelry to be kind of icky. It reminds me of old people. Or the mafia. Or ladies. So you can see why I'd be drawn to a line featuring Titanium and tires. Luckily, by the time we were ring shopping, Timoku was available.

What is Timoku, you ask? I've decided to tell you! 1) It looks like wood grain, knots and all, and 2) it's forged by the process originally used to make samurai swords. I'll just let that sit for a second.

Yeah, so Jonathan flipped out over this ring. I think he had trouble waiting until the wedding to wear it. I was so happy and relieved that we found something really cool and unique for him, after all the thought and preparation that went into my ring.

And in case you were wondering what the rings were resting on in the first shot...

Yay!!! The Lego heart from our guest book table! Did you think I could get all the way through a whole post without geeking it up? Ha, ha. People with faith in me are hilarious.

Have a solemn and restful Feast of the Immaculate American Horror Story. I'll see you tomorrow! :)

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Cailyn said...

Get questions about my ring all the time, too. (Girls will forever get more questions, I think!) Your rings are so wonderful, though! I absolutely love that they come together to form one ring. Just perfect!