Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: Invitations COVERED in STDS!

You think that this is neither complicated nor exciting, but you are gravely mistaken, my friend! This took many, many hours of research, planning, and comparison. Then color selection (which you think takes three seconds, but more like three years), word-tweaking, and proofing. Okay, you're right about it not being exciting. By the time we were finished with stationery, I hated the world.

The Save the Date (to which etiquette books no longer refer as an STD, for some reason) you see above is the one we picked. It's from Paperwink. We thought about somehow integrating our color scheme of plum and lime (and by thought about, I mean I looked at color chips until I almost cried, then regained my composure by making mock-ups on the computer until I almost cried again), but then we decided that our colors don't go with the theme of this STD, so we just stuck with the sample colors.

Or--OR--could you beat the Axis using VD?? But I digress.

Wedding invitations bore me, as you may have ascertained from my inability to focus on telling you about them. Jonathan and I wanted to do something fun and interactive with ours, but not the "fun" kind of interactive that would piss people off, like having them cut into 100-piece puzzles. Sorry to anybody who did that. Now you know why I never RSVPed to your wedding, though, and I hope we can move on.
This was the invitation design we picked from Paper Source.  This isn't our actual invitation. (I'm just troubleshooting in advance. One person we showed this to told us completely seriously and somewhat snidely that we'd better proofread that date. Which is funny because you'd think the first thing they'd notice is that I'm not Miriam Jacobs and Jonathan's last name isn't Aberdeen. Also, that's not even the right city. It's true what they tell you: When you're getting married, EVERYONE IS HELPFUL ALL THE TIME.)  Anyway, we wanted something simple and a bit rustic to go with the aesthetic of the wedding, to set the chill mood. We opted to leave purple out of the equation, as that was going to be everywhere on the day of the wedding. We didn't want to overdo it.

And we fashioned our reply cards in the manner of a Mad Lib!

We wrote something different in the blanks of each person's bottom line, except those belonging to old people who might not know Mad Libs. They got "Your reply is requested by..." But, as it turns out, a lot more people than you think are unfamiliar with Mad Libs, thus adding this invitation to the ever-growing list of things that I do that are actually hilarious, but people misclassify as "weird." I shall show you this list one day. You will laugh, sob, and ultimately grow to understand why I had no choice but to move to California.

We got some very interesting replies. A couple people didn't sign their names. Others wrote their names somewhere other than the allotted blank and then didn't specify whether they were coming. Some people were so freaked out, they avoided the front of the card altogether and wrote a note on the back explaining whether or not they were coming. One person just wrote "happy" really big across the front of the card. I was left feeling like we'd utterly terrorized a bunch of old people.

But--BUT--the vast majority of the cards we got back were from people who either got the joke or figured out the gist of what we were asking for, and their responses were sweet, fun, silly, and even times, I daresay, touching. We put all of them in a little photo album, which now lives in our living room.

Paper Source made our invitations, and we just filled the text we wanted in on the online form. It took a bit of trial and error with the preview tool to make sure the blanks and parentheticals lined up just so, but we were very happy with the end result.

Um... out of material.  That is all.

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