Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Purge of the Day: DVD Cases

This many DVDs fit into the DVD storage binder pictured. The cases take up 6.4 times more space than the binder, which will fit neatly into our TV stand (along with a partially-filled second binder), whereas the DVD cases lived in their own shelving unit, which is now being donated. We've known this change was coming for a while, but it was still a hard to let go. Now that we have, though, we can see that it was so overwhelmingly the right decision to exchange extra packaging for more space in our home.

Just a note on recycling those cases: It's hard to find information on the best way to go about doing this.  What we did was an amalgam of all the advice we could find.

We removed the cover insert and any inside booklets from all of the standard DVD cases and donated them to Goodwill. We read that people often donate CDs or DVDs with no case, so the stores can put some of those cases to good use and sell the rest. Someone reported seeing bundles of empty DVD cases at a Goodwill location for ten cents a case.

We dismantled all cardboard cases, ripping plastic components from cardboard and flattening remaining cardboard. All paper components of any kind go in the same bag to recycle and plastic goes in a separate bag.

Another idea we found for re-using DVD and CD cases is to give them to a teacher/school to use in an art project. The students get to design cover art! I thought that was cute.

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Snarky said...

That's awesome! We actually had this method for a while, but I just couldn't part with the cases for some reason, so we had this sep OTHER box of empty cases. It seemed silly, so we went back to storing them all together. One day I will be as strong as you!!!