Thursday, March 29, 2012

Hauling Stuff Away in LA

That's Out of the Closet hauling away a desk, a chair, a wall hanging, a sofa, an air conditioner, and a stool.

In the interest of imparting information in as few words as possible, Out of the Closet has proven to be the best bet for hauling away big items fast in Los Angeles. The last two times we've called, they've sent out a truck the next day. One of our pick-ups was at 10 a.m. and the driver told us we were the last customers of the day. People aren't donating a lot of big items during the recession.

We ran into a snag with OOTC taking away our refrigerator because they have to plug it in when they arrive to make sure it works, but when we called, the power had already been shut off in our old apartment, and so there was no way to plug it in, so they had to refuse the free fridge. Damn you, fate!!

We're giving the refrigerator away in the first place because it's too wide to fit in our new kitchen. We had a buyer from Craigslist who (and this is much worse than standing us up) kept stringing us along with complicated excuses as to why he was almost ready to come pay us for the fridge. So we tried to sell it to our landlord, but she wanted no part of it. Out of time, we decided to opt for a deduction and donate it. Hence our failed attempt with OOTC.

We thankfully scheduled an appointment with NCJW.  It seems as though they're on a 3-4 day wait now, which is fantastic, comparatively speaking, but the fridge has to be gone now, basically.  Luckily, we talked with someone understanding who was able to fit us in more quickly. Hopefully, the fridge will be out tomorrow morning and we can officially leave our old place for good. It's been an exhausting two weeks of moving and cleaning. It's going to feel great to just have one place to worry about.

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