Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Purge of the Day: Picture Frames

Several of them. You know, there are picture frames that you buy when you're a teenager that just don't work so well in the home of an adult. Hopefully, they'll look great in the home of another teenager. This is not to say that Jonathan's and my place is super straight-laced. In fact, this is the painting we have on our mantle:

We got it from Red Baron Kustoms. We met them and purchased their wares at a fair at Micheltorena Elementary a while back.  Monkeyhouse Toys is a pretty cool store if you get a chance to check that out, too. We bought the bigger Cup 'O' Joe pillow there. Because we already had the small one.


JanAlyssa said...

I think I may have several dozen picture frames hanging around, more than the average human needs, especially the ones with like, enamel flowers and such. Did you donate them to Goodwill?

mm said...

A lot of mine were in the same vein. Not bad, just not for me anymore. Yes, we did donate them to Goodwill! So far, they've been the easy choice for small donations because they're very close to our old place, drop-off is easy, and we agree with their mission, but we'll see what happens when other donation centers are closer. We've been having Out of the Closet take all of our big items. (We agree with them, too.)