Friday, March 9, 2012

Purge of the Day: Spices, Etc.

We're packing for our big move! It's giving us tons of opportunities to reevaluate which stuff is coming with us. One cluttered area I've been avoiding for a long time is the spice-seasoning-and-extract zone in our kitchen cabinets. It was pretty easy to eliminate 75% of the stuff in there by checking expiration dates and examining spices for moisture-related clumping. I threw out at least a dozen items.

I used to have an attitude that it was better to have every seasoning on hand that I could possibly need, but going forward, I'm only going to replace cooking and baking supplies as I need them. Mint extract may not make a comeback before next Christmas. It's been so long since I've used beef or chicken bouillon cubes that they may not come back at all.


JanAlyssa said...

I swear, we have spices that are like 5 years old. A spice purge is a good idea... I'd better purge my medicine cabinet, while I'm at it! All-cabinet purge, all the time!

CKron said...

Ugh I totally need to consolidate spices too!