Monday, April 2, 2012


Our new place has a lemon tree! Jonathan and I are in heaven with all of our new picking and yard work responsibilities. I've always loved to rake, and now I can do it whenever I want! I'm sure I'll be boring you to death with everything I love about our new abode for months to come, but for now I'll just say that the obsessive purging has paid off in a more amazing way than we could have possibly imagined. We ended up with less indoor space than we had in our last place (a massive unit in a Spanish fourplex), but gained a big, lovely yard. It wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't spent so much time paring down our belongings. In the last two weeks before the move, we took three carloads to Goodwill in addition to the Out of the Closet stuff that I told you about last week. I'll show you a list soon. You will be impressed. I will be self-effacing in a way that seems disingenuous because really, how could someone get rid of this much stuff and not be a little bit egotistical about it?

Oh, by the way, look at that crazily-shapen lemon! From underneath, I could see that it was almost draping over two branches, so I assumed it was rotten. I didn't realize until I'd picked it that it had just grown massive to the point that the two branches it dangled between had become embedded in its sides. The skin was completely intact, though, so we added it to the pile of lemons we're using to make lemonade for our neighbors' party on Saturday. We're bringing homemade lemonade to a neighborhood party! Look how domestic!

I hope everybody's week is off to a great start! Passover starts Friday and Easter is on Sunday. (Ours is a household in which these reminders are necessary.) TTFN!


JanAlyssa said...

I still have some lemonade left over from all those lemons! Have you gotten any oranges from the tree? The one I had was REALLY juicy and delicious, so I hope it starts to bear fruit again ASAP! I desperately want a fruit tree... or three or four.... for when we move!

Dorothy said...

The saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade" really does apply to you guys! ;) Can't wait until June! Love ya!

CKron said...

Yardwork WAS fun - I remember that honeymoon phase with our yard and beds... then after 6 years and a new baby you look at the yard as a chore. Ack.