Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I hope everybody had a great Memorial Day! I did. (Insert awkward story about checking to make sure swimsuit hadn't shifted under clothes during day before swimming and friend walking in on bizarre spectacle of me examining myself with top up and shorts down. Sigh. Oh, well. Am weirdo.)

But swimming weather makes me very excited to try this 20-minute cover-up tutorial:

click me for awesomeness

I even have some purple jersey left over from the wedding. Hooray!

Also, I should disclose that although I thought I'd bested my addiction to this, it has now taken over my life:
click me if you're through living a life of productivity

Yes, I'm a Mensan. No, I'm not one of the impressive ones. I'm the kind where when it comes up in conversation with a casual acquaintance that I was just at a Mensa event, the person asks, "Why were you allowed to go to that?" And then I kill them. And get away with it. Come to think of it, I am kind of impressive.

Happy Tuesday!


Amy said...

Poopy iPad won't let me play your jigsaw game :(

mm said...

LAME!!!!! >:(