Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love With Food: December

Here it is:

1. Honey Cinnamon Almonds from Nunes Farms
2. Holiday Salt Water Taffy from Taffy Town
3. Belgian Milk-Chocolate-Dipped Nutter Butter from The Big Chocolate Dipper
4. Candy Cane Truffle from Kara Chocolates
5. Mocha Mint Cappuccino from Hills Bros.
6. Gingerbread Boy from Nikki's Cookies
7. Chocolate Tasting Square from Madecasse
8. Fleur de Se Caramel Popcorn from 479 Popcorn

Plus some garden variety coupons, the best of which is $10 off at EcoMom. (I love EcoMom. It's a great site to buy environmentally-friendly gifts for babies and kids, even for non-moms.)

Because of a Groupon, I only paid... I don't remember, but I think it's between $3 and $4 including shipping? Not bad. These are usually $12/ per month including shipping, which is still not bad when you consider that they also include a meal for a child in need. I think this is pretty great. Are you happy? I'm happy. Cool. Let's eat stuff.


JanAlyssa said...

I was soooo happy with my box this time!!! So far, I ate the chocolate-covered nutter butter, some taffy, a gingerbread man, and 1 of the teeny chocolate squares. Yum!!

mm said...

I'm glad to hear you liked it, too! Jonathan and I already tried everything. We liked the truffles and popcorn the best. You still have those to look forward to!