Monday, October 24, 2011

At Long Last, Easy Knitting Tutorials!

I've always wanted to be good at knitting. I love big, fat scarves and sweaters and I've always been very jealous of people who can dream them up and make them happen. I started teaching myself how to knit from how-to books in college, but never got very far. It is very difficult to understand the diagrams in those things. I mastered basic stitches, but when I tried to do anything more complex, I'd end up with more of a knot than anything else.

I looked everywhere for a good instructional video, but was unable to find anything that was close-up or clear enough for me to follow.

I thought I found the solution a couple years ago when I took an intro knitting class with Alison at LACC. Our teacher was good, but the class was on the big side, so it took a long time for her to get around to everyone to demonstrate techniques close-up or to see if anything was going wrong. I corrected some sloppy technique issues I was having, but I didn't push further with my knowledge of knitting.

Then TODAY, look what I finally found! An amazing website with close up, easy-to-follow video instructions for knitting! I can't wait to dive back in. The kits are on the very pricey side, so that may not be happening, but I may take their cue on knitting a tie for the husband. He already has a couple mass-produced knit ties that he loves. Excitement!

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JR said...

Not for nothing, but I bet your husband would love a knitted tie! I know for a fact he loves the scarf you knitted for him.