Thursday, October 20, 2011

New Online Toy Store!

The guy and I order from pretty regularly, because the toilet paper, face wash, and over-the-counter drug we most frequently buy ALL sell out regularly at the Target closest to our apartment. Soap's prices are comparable to Target's and 2-day shipping is free at $39. It's easy to hit anyway, but Soap's cart is shared with sister sites (pet stuff), (baby stuff), and (cosmetic stuff), so you only have to come up with $39 of stuff from all of those sites combined to get free shipping.

So you can't even imagine the pandemonium that ensued in the apartment last week when we got an email that they added a toy store! This is probably horrible news for us because now instead of adding household supplies to our cart to hit free shipping, Jonathan is going to start adding action figures. But it's also great news because we're going to have six nieces and nephews come December! Between six kid birthdays, holidays, and Jonathan's general Jonathan-ness, this place is going to become even more of a toy clearinghouse than it already is.

We checked out the new site ( and were pretty happy with it. My favorite feature by far is YoYo Picks Top Ten, the site's top ten recommendations for each age from 0 to 13+. The toys are seriously cool and off the beaten path. The only way you're buying a duplicate gift off this list is if the other giver is also shopping here. This is very appreciated and sets the site apart, as major toy store sites tend to populate these lists with hundreds of random, seemingly uncurated items.

This may be the first time I'm relieved that a website exists. Not that I'm the type of aunt who lives across the country and occasionally forgets to buy a present until the two days before someone's birthday or anything... 


JanAlyssa said...

Every time you order toilet paper, you should order a toy as a reward for yourself... ;) Thanks for the link - will definitely be useful!

mm said...

Jonathan's thoughts exactly!