Sunday, October 2, 2011

Purge of the Day: Printers Two

Jonathan has been incredibly cooperative with the purging. He braved our vast and treacherous office closet to dig these out for removal.

Jonathan had the inkjet one, but it was really slow, which is a problem when you have to print hundreds of pages at once, so he bought the laser. But that one only prints in black and white, which is a problem for other reasons. We had the two-printer setup going for a few years until we got a magically good deal on a printer that performs both functions better than the previous printers combined. But then we kept these in the closet, in case something happened to the new one. I'm considering adding that to my list of stuff that's never a good idea. 

Other people could use these more than my closet could. We took them to Goodwill, which is now conveniently located just blocks from our apartment for our donating convenience, and felt immensely unburdened.

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