Monday, November 14, 2011

Appliance Covers: It Begins

Guess what I did this weekend! If you guessed "something awesome," you are right, although I don't appreciate your lack of ambition. That was kind of a safe answer. I'll mark it correct, but I'm giving you the side-eye. Specifically, I started making a toaster cover and a stand mixer cover for my mom.

I warn you that I am not a professional, so you should not do/take/repeat anything I tell/give you, but tutorials are forthcoming.

Check out this awesome fabric I used for the project from PinkCastleFabrics's Etsy shop:

Also, SNEAK ATTACK! I threw something away. 

You didn't see that coming, did you? It wasn't even in the title of the post this time! Now you have no idea what I'll do next! You are undoubtedly terrified and running for cover, but it is all in vain because I have proven myself to be an unpredictable adversary. It would be best for all parties if you were to surrender now. 

These are plastic things that make video game systems stand on their sides, but they only fit flat in my TV stand, so they're going away.

With that, I wish you a happy Monday!