Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Prima Donna's Hawt Geek-Out

Um, so, if you've been reading this blog, you may have guessed that I like-like lingerie. I don't know if I spend enough hours on it in a typical week to classify it as a full-blown hobby... What is the cut-off? Does anyone know? But, yes, we have a storied past, and I believe it knows how I feel.

Now Prima Donna is trying unnecessarily hard to reel me in yet again with their current collection... by naming styles after planets in Star Wars!

And one Lord of the Rings locale:

These designs seem to have little to do with their namesakes, but this is the best strategy I've ever seen to get guys to buy bras. (The second best strategy I've seen is the stack of vintage lad mags in the waiting room at Jenette. The third best strategy is convincing him he's a philanderer in an 80s movie.) 

While I can't recommend any of these (yet), I CAN recommend Prima Donna's Madison and Deauville collections with several exclamation points, but you won't find them at the end of this sentence, because I'm telling you about the exclamation points in a very calm and serious tone. They're the kind of bra that's comfy enough to laze around in all day, but when you take your shirt off, it will look like you really tried. That's my favorite kind of thing, generally speaking.

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sgrmse. said...

lingerie shoots are always some of the prettiest. it's always super hard to resist getting anything new once you've seen how incredible the pieces are... le sigh. i wish we got victoria's secret or agent provocateur here... :'((