Monday, December 5, 2011

Quilt: FML

Oh, man. I tried to work on a quilt last week, but as it turns out, quilts are really hard to make! And to make matters worse, it was the 1970s, so I just couldn't get anything done!

Here are rows 1-2 of 12. Yes, I still have 5/6 of this behemoth left to go:

Aaaaand I finished the stand mixer cover for my mom:

It has piping and a pocket to store extra attachments! Instructions are coming your way soon. 

This week, I have more superhero DIY in store for you, as well as some... uh, never mind. You don't really want toWEDDING!!!! MORE WEDDING!!!! Have a happy Monday! 


Cailyn said...

Oh, geez. Good luck with the quilt! You are far braver than me. Stand mixer cover, though? Adorable. So jealous!

I found you via 20SB, and I'm so glad to have found another blog to read!

Dorothy said...

I am loving my mixer cover! I'll pretend to be surprised on Christmas! Thanks for making these for me! Very special!

mm said...

Thanks, Cailyn! I'm so happy you found me because your comment lead me to your awesome blog! I'm really enjoying it!

Mom, no problem! I hope you like them when you see them in person! <3