Friday, December 2, 2011

Purge of the Day: Old Video Game Systems

I know, I know. This is all very tragic. But we haven't taken these out in at least six years. They're going to a better place. Climbing up a vine to Penny Heaven, if you will.


Snarky said...

Question-- what do you do with your purgings? Donate? Sell? I bet you could make a pretty penny (GET IT??) for the old game system stuff!

Robbie said...


mm said...

Yeah, now I have to hire a full-time security guard to make sure no one tries to revoke my geek card.

Snarkyyy!!! My hierarchy of what to do with purges goes like this: 1) Give it to someone who I know will use it 2) Sell it if it's quick and easy to sell 3) Donate to a charity that specifically needs that thing 4) Donate to a catch-all charity that in most cases will re-sell it for money.

We probably could have made some money for the game systems, but it wasn't quick money and we wanted it out of here. There was already a potential buyer ogling them at Goodwill when we dropped them off, so that's good enough for me!