Monday, December 19, 2011

Purge of the Day: Yarnstuffs

I was honest with myself about which things I was never going to use again, and those things have gone away.

My ass-kicking, name-taking friend Ali and I took a knitting class a couple years ago, during which we had to begin making a dishrag out of Sugar 'N' Cream yarn. Neither of us wanted a dishrag and we both hated working with the Sugar 'N' Cream. (It's similar in texture to string and doesn't pass over itself easily the way some other yarns do, which makes knitting with it more strenuous on the hands and wrists.) So, as of yesterday, I still had half a dishrag attached to one of my needles.

In the spirit of purging, I decided to cast my unwanted half-rag off the needle and repurpose it... into a sweater for my pencil cup!

Those pens and pencils are going to be so toasty for me when I stop procrastinating!


Cailyn said...

Love it! My aunt tried to teach me to knit a few years ago, and I still have a basket of yarnstuffs sitting in my apartment. They need to go!

Snarky said...

BRILLIANT! I am still guilty about my half-finished dishrag.