Friday, February 10, 2012

Out of the Box #4

1 carton strawberries
2 navel oranges
3 tangelos
4 kiwi
2 bacon avocadoes
16 amarosa potatoes
2 candy onions
6 carrots
1 stalk green garlic
1 bunch heirloom broccoli
1 bunch asparagus
1 bag brussels sprouts
1 bag snap peas
1 bag stir fry mix
1 bag spring mix
1 bunch lavender

The Other Stuff:
1 quart orange juice
Bona Dea Raspberry Chocolate Confiture (local specialty category)
1 snack-size bag dried persimmons from Forcefield (nut/dried fruit category)
1/2 lb Organic Valley farm butter
1 sandwich bag cornbread mix from Grass Valley Grains (grain/pulse category)
4 oz Purple Haze goat disc from Cypress Grove (California cheese category)
2 chocolates from Chocolate Maya (fair trade category)

So... yeah. This seemed like less stuff than the other times we ordered. It came in one box instead of two. The fair trade and dried fruit categories were somewhat disappointing. We're taking a week off from delivery next week, but I'll report back the following week. I'm hoping it picks back up. When it works, it makes life a whole lot easier.

I am, however, very excited about the raspberry chocolate confiture. This week's newsletter suggests serving it in crepes for dessert-- yum! I'm also excited to cook with fresh lavender for the first time ever. One of this week's recipes uses it in a steak rub, of all things. Aaaand that lovely Purple Haze pictured above is so named because it contains lavender, too! I'm already dreaming up possibilities... maybe some involving that honey from a couple weeks back? And who can argue with cornbread? Really, who? 

So, it's a split review, which would be a huge step up for some delivery companies, but a step down for this one. But probably it'll be back to extremely positive by the next one!

Stay tuned for Ali's review of Los Angeles CSA Savraw Organics, coming to you shortly right here on this blog. I can't wait to see what she has to say!

BTW, here's some farro salad the husband and I made with last week's ingredients and recipe:

Don't you feel healthier just looking at it?


JanAlyssa said...

Purple Haze is a friend of mine's favorite...

Do you and Ali both use the same CSA company?

Can I have another lavender mojito??

mm said...

You can have every lavender mojito ever!

Ali is using Savraw Organics and I'm using Out of the Box Collective. Ali's review of Savraw is coming up on Monday. :)