Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sick as This Guy

Poor Dr. Egon has been to the vet(s) six times in the last three weeks! Luckily, all of his ailments were caught before they were out of control, and (poop exam willing) he'll be healthy, off meds for the foreseeable future, and finally well enough to get his 10-12 week vaccinations in a week and a half, when he turns 15 weeks old.

Until he's current, no puppy classes for him! We're doing okay with training at home--he knows "look," "sit," and "stay," and he's getting there with "down" and "here"--but we really want to give him a chance to play with other dogs. It's sad when he sees another dog coming down the street, and he gets so excited that his entire back half wags, but we have to pick him up and keep them apart. Soon, little guy!

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Dorothy said...

Poor baby! He looks so sad!