Saturday, October 27, 2012

Gross Zombie Eyeballs!

Different versions of this have been knocking around Pinterest for a few weeks, so I cannot take credit for this disgusting idea. But here they are! Zombie eyeballs! You hard boil eggs, crack the shells as though you're going to peel them, then dye them in their cracked shells. Remove from dye, let dry, then peel them for real. Nasty! These will be deviled eggs tomorrow.

 I didn't have any Easter-egg-coloring tablets on hand, so I found this recipe for egg dye using food coloring. But then I had the idea to make a big egg-dyeing bath, and I didn't have enough food coloring for that, so I improvised with some Wilton icing color, like you see here. I used Leaf Green, but Kelly Green would probably be equally repulsive.

Icing Color Egg Dye Bath

1/2 tsp gel icing color
8 tsp white vinegar
4 cups boiling water

Combine ingredients in a heat-proof mixing bowl. Stir until gel is fully integrated. Allow eggs to sit in dye ten minutes for full saturation.

I was able to dye seven to eight eggs at a time, which made my life a lot easier. I'm thinking of doing this with Easter eggs in the future. Can you imagine? You could mix four or five bowls of dye, and then your eggs could all be finished in ten minutes! I know, the joy of coloring Easter eggs is in the act of coloring them, but jeez. Sometimes there's a party and crap needs to get done.

Happy Halloweekend, everybody! I hope you have something spooky planned!


Dorothy said...

Very cool, but, creepy!

mm said...

They were pretty gross-looking.