Friday, November 30, 2012

Comic Book Lingerie

Comics and lingerie. Two great tastes that taste great together. Or something. Actually, that was kind of gross. Should we forget that just happened? Okay!

Have you guys seen this Etsy shop? Because WHAT??? This woman is a genius or a demigod. We can pretend girls just buy these things to make guys catatonic happy, but you know some of them just want Wolverine to touch their pudding-filled balloons.  Haha. Remember when the kids used to do that? Turns out it is not that accurate!* Either way, this stuff is just splendid, and I am sad it seems to only come in A-D.

*I probably just ruined someone's day with that. Sorry. FYI, I think anybody who's touched boobies would attest that they're more like bricks in a garbage bag or Lucky Charms in a rubber glove. Amiright, guys? It can't just be mine.

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