Monday, February 25, 2013

BarkBox and Love With Food: February

Just in case you're curious, here's what we got in February's BarkBox:

 To be brief, the Egon and Gozer loved the Wet Noses cookies, but I have to break them up very small for Gozer because he has trouble chewing them (not the cookies' fault). They love the Get Naked  antioxidant sticks. They loved both toys, but destroyed the newspaper in less than two days. The subscription still proves to be more than worth what we spend on it, and the periodic Bark Blitz sales that go up on the site for members have saved us a lot of money on our favorites. In the last sale, we ordered two more antlers, two more Angus Power Bars, and an extra Hurley bone.

Here's Love With Food's February box:

We've tried everything but the Tomato Basil tea. We're a little scared. Our favorite so far was the Jer's squares. Wow. The variety that came in our box was Toffee Break, which is basically peanut butter wrapped in crunchy toffee wrapped in chocolate. We ordered more immediately. It was the first time we'd reordered a Love With Food item, and we'd enjoyed a lot of them, so that should tell you something. We're still liking this box, too. It's convenient to dump it in our snack bin and know we'll have something fun to munch on when the urge arises.


JanAlyssa said...

I'm scared of the tomato tea, too. Is it soup?? Is it tea?? I have no idea. I did not like the bean chips. Ben said they tasted like BO, hahaha.

Emily said...

I think the tomato basil tea tastes great and I am not a big tea person. Think of sipping the broth after eating a bowl of soup. I just bought the tin b/c I liked it so much! Steve tasted the chips and immediately insisted I buy more. Two purchases in one month is a new record for us. I liked the truffle pigs but couldn't stomach the price for those...

Miss you all!

mm said...

Okay, I'll be brave about the tea, after that review. I have to agree with Emily and Steve. I did like the chips. Ugh, BO? Maybe awesome-tasting BO! Hahaha. I just made myself gag typing that. And, yeah, the truffle pigs are hella expensive.

Miss you, too, Em!!