Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tiny Art for your Geeky House


Guys...  I just want to point out the awesomeocity of this. It would appear that you can pick from 73 different 3.5 x 4.5" mini prints of geek icons by artist Christopher Lee (no, not that one) to adorn your home, and they're only $5 each. AND for $10 you can get a mat that fits an 11x14" frame and holds four of them! 

We bought the Egon print in honor of our doggie at the last Renegade, and went online to see if, perchance, there was a Stay Puft or lady-Gozer with which to honor our other pup. There isn't, but I have to admit, now I'm kind of scheming about other possible combos. Link + Raph + Beast + Admiral Ackbar?? Has home decor ever been this good? I'm pretty sure not.

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