Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Egon's in for Some Trouble

Here's Egon's new little brother, Gozer the rat terrier! The three of us brought Gozer home from an adoption event on Sunday. Egon stood up and gave him a kiss through the bars of his crib. It was adorable until Egon walked to the other side of the crib, snatched Gozer's bully stick, and started to stroll off like nothing had just happened. Oh, puppy.

Both of the little guys seem so excited to be together. It's very sweet. Poor Gozer is only three months old, but he's been through some rough times. He was a little skeleton when the rescue got him, and he's been working to get back to regular puppy size. I don't think I've ever seen an animal so happy to eat. But everything the little guy does seems so joyful. I really hope we can give him the wonderful life he deserves.

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Dorothy said...

Lucky little guy to have you all as his family! So cute!