Friday, February 15, 2013

Purge of the Day: Books and Knickknacks

We're not knickknack people. You know that if you've ever read this blog. If not, hi! Sort of weird that Google lead you here today, a day that has nothing to do with geeks or weddings. Perhaps you Googled "beef dip"? It's lead others here before, not that I can explain why. But anyway, now we're all on the same page. The Iglas do not like tchotchkes. It could be a side effect of our individual and collective problems with clutter that lead us to fantasize about big, bare surfaces, or it could be that we're cold-hearted and hate all feelings, especially nostalgia. Whatever it is, it has lead us to another painful round of "Let's Pack a Bag of Gifts from Nice People and Get them the Hell Out of Our House." I can't show you what we're donating, because I already feel like such a horrible Grinch that the angry phone calls from jilted gift-givers would probably drive me over the edge to madness.

But the reason this is also a book-donation day is that several of the books we parted with today survived the last few book purges because they were gifts from people we like. One was even from Jonathan to me. Before you judge, we've sold dozens of books that started as gifts from me to Jonathan. So shut up. Why are you even reading this if you're just going to be snotty about it? Regardless of your feelings on the matter, this is a grocery bag full of stuff that's going to belong to other people very soon, and that makes us both happy and immensely relieved.

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