Thursday, February 14, 2013

Purge of the Day: Jammies/Lingerie

It seems an appropriate purge for Valentine's Day, no? Ugh. I hate this so much. I attach to jammies and lingerie a weird amount, so it's really hard to let them go, even when they've shrunken and/or were pronounced dead by Cosmo over three years ago. But it had to be done. When I'd go to put on my jammies, there were ones I'd always avoid. You would think after purging pretty consistently for over a year, I'd be able to read the signs, but no.

I've been consoling myself with some replacements from Blackheart. Before you busty ladies get excited, they don't have bigger cup sizes. But they do have adorable jammies, workout clothes, and panties, if you find black lace, skulls, and various other Gothic iconography adorable, which I do.  And I have a Figleaves order that should be finally getting here someday. It will be good to have homes nice and vacant in my drawers for the new stuff. And even if new stuff wasn't forthcoming, keeping things I don't use would be unrealistic, and I've decided to be realistic. No more unfinished projects. No more maybes!

End rant. Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you spend it doing something you love!

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