Thursday, April 18, 2013

Pure Madness!

Yum, yum, yum! BzzAgent recently sent me some Pure Madness truffles and a chocolate bar to try. This was such a hassle, because who wants to eat chocolate? It is a repugnant stain upon our world, as we all know. But I decided to take one for the team, and, though it pained me greatly, review some fancy confections.

First, the Smoky Almond chocolate bar... seriously? They put hickory-smoked almonds in milk chocolate. I mean, who are these people, and how are they this amazing? The chocolate was sweet and super-smooth, and the almonds tasted salty and intensely smoky. Before this turns into a graphic romance novel (and it is very much going there, because wow), let me just say that the combination was very appealing.

Of the nine varieties of truffle I tried, all were lovely and distinct. A few of the standouts, in my opinion, were the chili lime, raspberry, rum raisin, and espresso truffles. The chili lime tasted exciting, but not too spicy. For fans of key lime pie, this is a delicious next step to consider. The raspberry was jammy and wonderfully intense, with a fresh taste one doesn't often find in a fruity truffle. The rum raisin pleasantly surprised me, as I wasn't sure whether I would like it. The rum flavor was big and bold, but smooth and didn't have that unpleasant alcoholic note that these things sometimes do. The truffle was thoroughly chocolatey throughout, with the smallest hint of raisin.  The espresso truffle perfectly balanced sweetness and bitterness, which seems a rare feat in the realm of coffee-flavored goodies.

Bottom line: I was blown away by Pure Madness. This newbie's goodies pack enough quality, taste, and originality to handily contend with more established high-end chocolate brands.

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dotkron said...

Your reviews were making my mouth water! Yum!