Friday, January 31, 2014

Un-Boring Valentine's Day Gifts for Ladies from Etsy

I know. Some (probably the most well-adjusted) people don't do Valentine's Day gifts. And to that I say, "Good job!" If you're one of those people, this list can serve as birthday or holiday inspiration. For the rest of you suckers, you better get your shopping done before you run out of time. We've only got two weeks to get this sh*t together. Let's go!

Keep in mind that if I knew which lady we were shopping for here, these choices would be more specifically targeted. Instead, I aimed for that category of things almost all ladies enjoy: pretty.

 1. Linen Goldfish Clutch, JCarterHandmade, $49.

2. Chunky Knit Scarf, VitalTemptation, $70.

3. Rose Necklace, SimplyChacha, $18.

4. Blue Tree Swing, HoganTreeSwings, $74.

5. Tote Bag, rougeandwhimsy, $50.

 6. Lace Necklace, TopiaryDesigns, $30.

7. Neuron Necklace, NewtonAndTheApple, $44.21.

8. Mend My Black Heart Giclee Print, NanLawson, $10.

9. Dandelion Necklace, Ural Nature, $36.

 10. Maple Seed Helicopter Necklace, Honeybee, $50.

And now a few cards from which to choose:

1. I Hate Everyone But You, PageFiftyFive, $4.

2. Larry David, RestlessExpress, $5.

3. I Mustache You to be Mine, duvdesigns, $3.95.

4. I Still Love You, witsicle, $4.

5. Jesse Pinkman, TurtlesSoup, $3.85.

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