Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Un-Boring Valentine's Gifts for Men from All Over the Web

Hi, folks!  Jonathan here with a few possibly helpful suggestions for what to get your/a man for Valentine's Day, besides the obvious (insert tasteless-but-true joke here).  The prices on these vary wildly, so you can find ideas whether you're looking to really knock someone's socks off with manly jewelry, or just to tug on the toe of the sock a little with some thoughtful slow-melting ice (but, oddly, there are no socks on the list*).


A great option, especially for someone whose tastes you're not super-comfortable guessing.  Unlike most subscription boxes, you get to see the contents before ordering, so the gift-to-pleased-recipient ratio is one-to-one. 

*This month's Bespoke Post selection actually is an array of socks.  

The smallest, cheapest, best, and most fun coffee maker out there.  The coffee is smooth, the press is easy to clean, and ejecting the “puck” of compressed grounds is as satisfying as the coffee itself.  Well, almost. 

Who knew wooden sunglass frames were lighter than metal?  Maybe everyone but me, but the lightweight comfiness was a pleasant surprise to me.

Class up the joint with this perfect-for-a-pocket fountain pen.  Cartridges eliminate the mess of tradition ink refills/need to learn how to refill a fountain pen.  Available in a variety of materials (plastic, aluminum), and colors, including clear plastic. 

Is it an offensive stereotype that many men forget to replenish their essentials?  Yes.  Is it a relief to get quality blades delivered without having to remember to reorder them?  …Yes.  Worth the extra couple of bucks to go with the mid-range or upper-level razors (I'm a 4X man, myself).  Also worth the few minutes to watch their insane/hilarious/insanely hilarious commercials.   

Less surface area = slower melting = less watered down drinks.  Well known for its benefits in cocktails, the large ice cube is also great in iced coffee. 

Like Netflix for Marvel Comics, the subscription allows access to tens of thousands of back issues, and updates more than weekly.  If your gift-worthy friend/relative/mate doesn’t mind perpetually being six-to-eight months behind publication, everything Marvel publishes eventually ends up available, and if you’re looking to relive some childhood memories, or catch up on classic stories you may have missed (possibly because you weren’t born yet), a year subscription can pay for itself in a lazy Saturday. 

To add a personal touch to a classic, Converse’s website allows for the creation of a completely customized Chuck.  And if your soon-to-be-grateful recipient is already the owner of, say, six pairs of Chuck Taylor All-Stars, and you can sneak a peek at the size, you can sleep easy that it’ll be a perfect fit. 

For manly, manly jewelry, there’s nowhere better.  Rings, bracelets, cufflinks, key chains and more feature unusual and manly materials like titanium and cable for a unique and low-key accent piece. 

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