Monday, September 26, 2011

Purge of the Day: Electronics Boxes

Today, I got rid of the boxes for several electronics and freed up some much-needed shelf space. Now I'm left with a tidy stack of manuals to file.

Some things to consider before throwing away:

1) Does the item definitely work?

2) Is the item ever going back in its box? If not, get rid of the box. For me, this included stuff like my laptop and camera, each of which had its own carrying case, and also my cell because there is no scenario in which I would store it in its box.

3) Did you register its warranty yet? If not, do so now in case you need info from the box, like the UPC code.

4) Is there any info on the box identifying either you or the specific one of your item? Obscure your personal info. Cut out and file unique info for your electronic along with its manual and/or warranty.

5) Depending on where you live, it might be a good idea to throw out your boxes in a communal dumpster or at work. Where I live, there are always people rummaging in the trash, and I don't need any of them to know what's in my apartment.

Go ahead and try it out. It's a big relief to see even tiny patches of newly-free space!

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