Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Fabric Corsages

Here I am to talk wedding again! You can turn off the lights and pretend you're not home, but I'm on to you. I'm going to stand right here with these pictures until you come out to look at them. I'd also like some tea. Thank you.

Today, I shall share with you phase two of our three-pronged floral attack: the fabric corsages. Jonathan and I put a lot of thought into whether or not to use live flowers at all in our wedding. Something about the idea of killing a lot of plants for one day of enjoyment and then throwing them away made me feel sad and wasteful. That said, I love flowers, and it was important to me to bring natural elements into the wedding. What were we to do? Luckily, we chose a venue teeming with live plants.

Guess who took the pics in this post. 
You were right! Sweet Monday Photography!

So it was easy to settle on a bit of a compromise: we'd use some flowers, but replace some of the traditionally floral elements with non-living replacements. First, we decided to make the ladies in our families pretty corsages that would last forever! 

We decided to let them choose: wrist corsage, pin-on corsage, headband, or hair-pin. We didn’t find out until after we started assembling them that we weren’t the first to think of this, but oh well. Great minds, yes? Even the wrist corsages could be easily adapted into cute pins to use after the wedding.

We decided to use fun, punky black and white checked ribbons for family members in our generation, and a soft grey tie we made of crepe for the older generations. Luckily, they went with everybody's outfits quite well.

With this challenge handled, we were on to step three: boutonnieres. With super-heroes. I'll show you next week.

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Kathy said...

The cat is out of the bag - if your corsage had a gray ribbon, you are old! Thank God mine was a pin!