Monday, October 22, 2012

October BarkBox Reveal

I was not going to make it a thing, but after months and months of resistance, I'm kind of obsessed with subscription boxes now. In addition to the awesome having-to-go-grocery-shopping-ever eliminator Out of the Box Collective (which you're probably sick of hearing about), I've started subscribing to BarkBox, Love With Food, and MistoBox. Last week, I went off the deep end and added PopSugar Must Have, Celebrate Crate, and Hammock Pack to the mix, which coincided with my finally getting off the waiting list for Stitch Fix. Hooray! More on this stuff later, but let me assure you that I will not allow any of this to become clutter. It's more a function of my hating to shop.

Anyway, this is the stuff that BarkBox sent Egon this month:

In the picture at the very top, you can see the cute wool snake toy from Lollycadoodle. Egon loved it. Unfortunately, he also shredded it into a cotton-candy-like consistency within an hour. I think this may be a beagle issue. The beagle I had as a kid also had an uncanny knack for ripping open sturdy toys. I'm sad because it was an adorable toy.

We also got Clean Teeth Gel from Tropiclean, some really cute Poopy Packs from Metro Paws, a full-size bag of Turkey Trail Blazin' Bitz from Feelgood Treat Company, a prescription discount card from Honest Discounts, and an AMAZING doggie toy from Moody Pet that's a mustache on one side and a ball on the other, which is supposed to result in dogs running around wearing giant rubber mustaches, which is a laudable goal, to be sure.

As far as I can tell, the MSRP of the items in this box total $32.57.  One month of the box goes for $29, which drops to $17.50 a month when you sign up for six months. Not bad at all!


JanAlyssa said...

Wilson absolutely destroys any soft toy he gets. I used to buy him all those cute stuffed squeaker toys, and he would pull out the squeaker and shake the poor things to death within a few hours. He also rips apart tennis balls (tears the fuzz off), and I had some sort of homemade felt toy that he completely ATE. And then pooped rainbow-colored felt. Ahem. So now he only gets rubber toys he cannot ingest. Hey, at least they aren't eating our shoes and furniture, right??

Dorothy said...

Lucky puppy!