Friday, November 23, 2012

BarkBox: November

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for dogs, containing treats, toys, and grooming items. It starts at $17/ month.

This month's box was just awesome. Egon loved all of it. He can't put the moose antler down. We're going to have to order a new one as soon as he finishes it. The smoothie kept him occupied for a good half-hour. He's been gnawing on the Bionic and it's not showing a scratch, which is a big surprise and relief, considering the state of most toys that have come through the house. We discovered that we can stuff chunks of DogsBar into it, and we don't have to freeze it. It keeps him as busy as frozen peanut butter would, which should be an expression that everyone uses. A win all around. We're so glad we found out about BarkBox.

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