Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Barkbox: January

Here's what we got:

Egon loves all of these! When we first gave him the Barkworthies curly bully stick, he sat and chewed it for over two hours straight. He's run around with the Weenut and Elton the Octopus for a couple days now, and so far both have stood up to serious chewing and fetching. Two days doesn't sound like much, but he's destroyed other toys in less than five minutes, so I'll take this as a good sign. Egon's really enjoying the Yumzies, which are training treat size, but they're a little too chewy (read:time-consuming) to use for actual training sessions, so we'll use these as small standalone rewards or for "find" games. They're perfectly sized for stuffing in the Weenut, so there you go.

BarkBox starts at $17/month, and contents vary based on dog size.

Update: This was Elton after a week and a half:

At least now we know.

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